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Slow page loading is the top reason people don't view web sites.

  A beautiful website design with great content, and search engine optimization means nothing when visitors "bounce" off a site that takes too long to show up. Often, site owners and supporting staff are unaware of how slowly their site loads because their personal devices have "cached" all the images and extraneous code from earlier visits.

To get a good idea of how quickly your site is coming up for first time visitors, test it with Google PageSpeed Insights.
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Experience the quick response of this portfolio site engineered for maximum efficiency using only core web
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You most likely know me, Christopher Bogush. We likely crossed paths in Los Angeles in recent years. I went to school in Boulder CO and grew up in Ohio. This is both an effort to stay in touch and market my skills in a way that I hope you'll find interesting every now and then. In the past few months, I've been geeking hard on coding super efficient web sites. My personal site is But hey, I really don't want to bug you... so let me know how much is too much!
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